Our trendiest model! The in-glass pet door fits perfectly into sliding or swing glass doors, making it the most versatile and stylish pet door available on the market.


Our door model complements any style household door. Most common applications include metal, wood, French, raised panel, and fiberglass doors.


A favored model, the wall pet door is ideal for standard construction, block, stucco, or masonry walls.

Why purchase a Hale pet door? Our pet doors feature:

  • A heavy duty extruded aluminum frame, which is far superior to pressed metal or plastic frames.
  • Steel reinforced corners for additional frame durability.
  • Flexible 3/16″ clear PVC vinyl flaps. This material makes our flaps highly durable, energy efficient, yet gentle on your pet’s back.
  • Alnico magnets made from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, and iron. Up to five times stronger and more durable than regular graphite magnets. These magnets help to provide excellent protection from wind, insects, etc.
  • ½” nylon pile weather stripping surrounding the flap for maximum insulation.
  • A ¼” thick King Starboard® polymer security cover. Designed for security, industrial, and marine applications this material does not rot, swell, splinter, or delaminate when exposed to water or humidity.
  • An attractive, ergonomic, lightweight, zinc alloy cabinet knob in a satin nickel finish.
  • Wall models feature a heavy duty .040″ aluminum tunnel connecting the inside and outside frames. In addition, wall models come with mold and mildew resistant olefin nylon carpet covering the inside of the tunnel, a rain cap, and flashing to help with water diversion. So then your cat can get to their popular cat drinking fountain and go back outside to play.