Access Ramps

The Hale Pet Door™  Access Ramp offers mobility solutions for your pets whether indoors or outdoors. Made from high quality materials, these durable yet attractive access ramps are the ideal solution to reach elevated pet doors or security barriers. If used indoors, our access ramps are perfect for helping your pets reach beds, windows, tables, etc.

Available in five sizes, our access ramps are compatible with any of our 11 standard size pet doors. The base model comes with a three inch attachment area to affix the end of the ramp to the wall or barrier. Featuring five standard rises (3″, 6″, 12″, 18″, and 24″), these access ramps can fit into spaces as small as 7″ to as large as 54″. The ramp length varies based on the rise needed.

As an option, the ramp can be made with a “foot” at the end of the ramp to help it fit into a smaller area without compromising its rise. In addition, our ramps can be manufactured with railing, landing, and parallel set up. Regardless of the options, all our access ramps feature mildew and mold resistant olefin nylon carpet in dark gray or dark brown.

For customers wishing not to affix their access ramps permanently to their homes, our access ramps can be made with an elongated front leg to make it self-standing.

self standing ramp rampwall  rampbarrier