Simple Security Barrier

The Hale Simple Security Barrier™ is designed to be installed directly in front of any size of our pet doors. It features a steel frame with bars to prevent human access. The number of bars dividing the space between the frame depends on the size barrier you purchase.

This model is designed to be screwed into solid surfaces such as wood or concrete using four 9/16″ bolts. If screwed into soft surfaces (grass, etc.), we strongly encourage you to use tie-downs and a dog house to cover the security barrier. As an option, this model can be purchased with a cedar wood exterior for a more aesthetic appearance. The cedar exterior also doubles as a wind shield.

Available in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) the simple security barrier will complement any size of our pet doors.  Please note, the distance between the barrier and the wall may vary based on the size of your pet, the size of the pet door, and the size of the barrier.


simple barriers - 3 sizes, 2 versions